Valero, L., García-Alix, A., Jiménez-Moreno, G., Camuera, J., López-Avilés, A., Ramos-Román, M. J., Jiménez-Espejo, F. J., Beamud, E., Maestre, E., & Scott Anderson, R. (2022). Evidences of the blake and Iceland basin magnetic excursions in southeastern iberia and chronological implications for the padul sedimentary record. Quaternary Geochronology, 101421.

The Padul-15-05 sediment core provides an exceptional perspective of the paleoenvironmental and climate change in the Western Mediterranean region for the last ca. 200 kyr. However, even though a robust chronology mainly relying on radiometric dating is available for the last 50 ka, the chronology for the older sediments is not yet fully resolved. Ages for the bottom part of the core (>21 m) were previously inferred from amino-acid racemization dating and sediment accumulation rates. In this work, we provide a more accurate chronology for the older part (>100 kyr) of the Padul-15-05 sediment core record based on the recognition of past Earth's magnetic excursions. We identify an interval prone of reversed polarity samples close to MIS-5e/5 d transition that we correlate to the Blake geomagnetic excursion (116.5 kyr–112 kyr). In addition, we identify an interval of low inclinations and two reversed samples that we interpret as the Iceland Basin geomagnetic excursion (192.7 kyr–187.7 kyr: wide scenario of VGP <40°). Our new results, which include IRM acquisition curves that contribute to understand the magnetic mineralogy, enhances the robustness of the age model for the Padul-15-05 sedimentary sequence by adding an independent age dataset with new accurate tie-points. Our refined age control together with the available paleoenvironmental and paleoclimate multiproxy data provide insightful information to unveil the response of the western Mediterranean environments to regional environmental and climate change.

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