Jonas Bruno Ruh

Jonas Bruno Ruh

Contract Scientist


Educational Background

  • PhD in Structural Geology, ETH Zurich


Research Interests

I am a structural geologist combining numerical modelling with geological field observations to investigate the mechanics and dynamics of large-scale tectonic processes.


Active Projects





Previous selected publications


Ruh, J.B., Sallarès, V., Ranero, C.R. and Gerya T.: Crustal deformation dynamics and stress evolution during seamount subduction: high-resolution 3D numerical modelling, Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, 121 (9), 6880–6902.

Lacombe O., Ruh J.B., Brown D. and Nilfouroushan F.: Introduction to the Special Issue: “Tectonic evolution and mechanics of basement-involved fold-and-thrust belts”, Geological Magazine, 153 (5-6), 759-762.

Mohammadi, A., Burg, J.-P., Winkler, W., Ruh, J.B. and von Quadt, A.: Detrital zircon and provenance analysis of Late Cretaceous–Miocene onshore Iranian Makran strata: Implications for the tectonic setting, GSA Bulletin, 28 (9-10), 1481-1499.

Ruh, J.B.: Submarine Landslides caused by Seamounts entering Accretionary Wedge Systems, Terra Nova, 28 (3), 163-170.

Mohammadi, A., Burg, J.-P., Bouilhol, P. and Ruh, J.B.: U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry of Zahedan and Shah Kuh plutons, southeast Iran: Implication for closure of the South Sistan Suture Zone, Lithos, 248-251, 293-308.


Ueda, K., Willet, S., Gerya, T. and Ruh, J.B..: Geomorphological–thermo-mechanical modeling: Application to orogenic wedge dynamics, Tectonophysics, 659, 12-30.

Ruh, J.B., Le Pourhiet, L., Agard, A., Burov, G. and Gerya, T.: Tectonic slicing of subducting oceanic crust along plate interfaces: numerical modelling, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 16 (10), 3505-3531.

Ruh, J.B., Gerya, T. and Burg, J.-P.: Towards 4D modelling of orogenic belts: example from the transpressive Zagros Fold Belt, Tectonophysics, 702, 82-89.


Ruh, J.B., Hirt, A., Mohammadi, A. and Burg, J.-P.: Folding history of the Zagros Simply Folded Belt constrained from magnetostratigraphy, Tectonics, 33 (8), 1534-1551.

Ruh, J.B., Gerya, T. and Burg, J.-P.: 3D effects of strain vs. velocity on deformation patterns in accretionary wedges, Tectonophysics, 615-616, 122-141.


Ruh, J.B., Gerya, T. and Burg, J.-P.: High resolution 3D numerical modeling of thrust wedges: Influence of décollement strength on transfer zones, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 14 (4), 1131-1155.


Ruh, J.B., Kaus, B. and Burg, J.-P.: Numerical investigation of deformation mechanics in fold-and-thrust belts: Influence of rheology of single and multiple décollements, Tectonics, 31.

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