Procesos de colisión Arco-Continente en Taiwan

The project PROTAI will integrate new surface geological observations with passive-source (earthquake) seismic data to study the crustal structure, physical properties (Vp, Vs, density) and the tectonic processes in the active arc-continent collision that is taking place between the Luzon arc and the continental margin of Eurasia in Taiwan. Research on the Taiwan orogen will be integrated with the results of previous research of the group into arc-continent collision in fossil orogens, as well as with its research into petrophysical properties of the curst and upper mantle. The research is focused into three main themes:

  • Crustal structure. Determine the crustal structure on the Taiwan orogen from the active frontal thrusts of the Western Foothills to the accreting forearc in the Coastal Range in the east. Detailed structural mapping combined with geophysical data, in particular seismicity, will provide information on the response of the extended continental margin as it enters the subduction zone.
  • Tomography and petrophysical modeling of the Taiwan crust using Vp and Vs velocities, and potential field data. This provides important information about the composition of the crust and its physical properties. These properties are important in determining the fate of the continental crust as it is subducted.
  • Determining geodynamic processes. The end result of this research is to develop a model for the geodynamic processes that take place during arc-continent collision. The processes include, but are not restricted to; crustal recycling through the subduction factory and how this influences the growth of new continental crust, determining the timing and extent of vertical and horizontal movements along faults in the thrust belt and the subsequent evolution of topography. 
  • Dennis Lewis Brown Marsh, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Joaquina Álvarez Marrón, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Giovanni Camanni, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ramon Carbonell Bertran, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • David Marti, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Conxi Ayala, IGME, Madrid, Spain
  • Sergio Llana Funez, Department of Geology, University of Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain
  • Chi-Yue Huang, Department of Geosciences, National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
  • Yih-Min Wu, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


  • Funding

    Project Financed by PNIDI-CGL - CGL2009-11843




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