Radiografiando sistemas magmáticos silícicos: el Magmatismo Permo-Carbonífero del Pirineo Catalán

The main goal of this coordinated project is to study the relationship between the plutonic and volcanic processes of siliceous magmas as part of the same magmatic system, with special emphasis on their temporal, structural, petrologic and geodynamic relationships,based on the multidisciplinary study of the Permo- Carboniferous magmatism of the Catalan Pyrenees, in particular in the area between Viella-Pont de Suert and Andorra-La Seu d'Urgell, which concentrates the best examples of co-magmatic rocks ( in their plutonic, subvolcanic and volcanic facies) of this event. Specifically, this coordinated project aims at the application of a great diversity of geological and geophysical techniques (field geology,geochemistry, geochronology, experimental petrology, gravimetry, magnetism, paleomagnetism, and numerical and analog modeling), the construction of a 4D model Space + time) to characterise the transport and emplacement of siliceous magmas in the upper crust during this magmatic episode. In this way, it is intended to advance significantly in the understanding of the mechanisms of cooling and crystallization and possible eruptive conditions of this type of magma, in order to be applied later to the study of more recent or active zones of similar characteristics.

Specifically, two sub-projects are proposed with the aim of approaching the problem from two different but complementary perspectives that will allow obtaining the required data in a more precise and orderly way. On the one hand, a subproject is included that will be carried out by research and work teams of the CSIC with external collaborators and that will deal with the study of these magmatic products from a geological perspective and, on the other, a subproject made by an IGME team that will address the characterization of structure the upper crust of this sector of the Pyrenees, with special attention to granite bodies and the Permo-Carboniferous volcano-sedimentary basins, from a geophysical perspective.

The combination of both sub-projects will allow to obtain the pursued final space-time 4D model, since complementary data will be provided to know not only the stratigraphic positions and structures relationships between the different magmatic elements, but also their volumetric relationships and form of placement of the magma in the different intrusive environments, thus allowing to establish rates and intrusion times and the temporal evolution of each magmatic body, as well as the spatial and temporal relationship between plutonism and volcanism. The results of this coordinated project will undoubtedly be of great international interest given the current status of the subject, the exclusivity of the example presented, the multidisciplinary nature of the approach, and the socio-economic implications of this study.





Project Coordinator:

Years: 2018-2020



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