Educational Background

  • Ph. D., 2000, Earth Sciences, University of Zaragoza, entitled Paleomagnetism of the transition between the central and western Pyrenees; tectonic implications (in Spanish).
  • B. Sc., 1995, Geology, Universitat de Barcelona.


Research Interests

I have devoted my career to the application of paleomagnetic and rock magnetic techniques to solve different problems within the field of Earth Sciences. Some of this problems include the dating of marine and continental sedimentary sequences in foreland basins and fold-and-thrust belts, the paleomagnetic implications of magnetic iron sulphide formation in marine sediments, the study of paleoenvironmental and paleosecular variations recorded in Neogene and Quaternary sediments, the environmental and paleomagnetic significance of magnetofossils in sediments and sedimentary rocks, the implications of North African climate change in hominin evolution, and the tectonic implications of paleomagnetic data and magnetic fabrics in foreland basins and fold-and-thrust belts. As a staff scientist at the IGME and Visiting Scientist at the ICTJA-CSIC, my main topics of research at present are the dating and identification of environmental variations and tectonic processes recorded in sediments and the study of African climate change and its implications for hominin evolution. In the last years, I have started to dedicate attention to popular science with the aim of explaining and transferring to the society the knowledge gained through research in Earth Sciences.








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