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Personal Information

Educational Background

  • PhD in Seismology and Seismic Engineering (Investigation in New Methods for Passive Seismic Exploration with Application to Simulation of Strong Motion Scenarios in Campo de Dalías, Almería). January 2023. University of Almería.
  • MSc in Geophysics and Meteorology. September 2015. University of Granada.
  • BSc in Physics. June 2014. University of Oviedo.

Research experience and employment history

  • Researcher hired by University of Granada. Andalusian Institute of Geophysics and Prevention of Seismic Disasters. Research Project: “BRAVOSEIS“, IP: Javier Almendros. (April 2021 – August 2022).
  • Researcher hired by University of Cantabria. Mathematics, Statistics and Computation Department. Research Project: “Sequence generation for Comunication and Criptology Theory“. IP: Domingo Gómez (October 2020 – April 2021).
  • Research Technician on the project of seismic risk assessment directed by Dr. Manuel Navarro in Murcia city, Spain. (November 2018 – May 2019).
  • Research Technician on the project of ambient noise measurements directed by Dr. Manuel Navarro in the Spanish Nuclear Power Plants and National Seismic Stations.(June 2017-September 2018).
  • Curricular internship in the Andalusian Astrophysics Institute under supervision of Dr. René Duffard using and analysing reflection spectroscopy data from asteroids, meteorites and minerals. (June-September 2015).

Research Interests






Seivane H. and Fontiela J. (2022). A study on the spatial distribution of the seismic parameter b in Campo de Dalías (Almería, SE Spain). Proceeding. 10th Spanish–Portuguese Assembly of Geodesy and Geophysics, Toledo (Spain) November 2022.

Seivane, H., García-Jerez, A., Navarro, M., Molina, L., & Navarro-Martínez, F. (2022). On the use of the microtremor HVSR for tracking velocity changes: a case study in Campo de Dalías basin (SE Spain). Research Paper. Geophysical Journal International, 230(1), 542-564.

García-Jerez, A., Seivane, H., Navarro, M., & Molina, L. (2022). Capabilities for Aquifer Monitoring of long-term MHVSR Observations in Campo de Dalías (Almería, SE Spain) (No. EGU22-10210). Oral Presentation. EGU General Assembly 2022.

Seivane, H., Martín, R., Almendros, J., Wilcock, W., & Soule, D. (2022). Application of Template Matching to OBS array observation in Orca Volcano (Bransfield Strait, Antarctica) (No. EGU22-276). Oral Presentation. EGU General Assembly 2022.

Piña-Flores J., Cárdenas Soto M., García Jerez A., Seivane H., Luzón F., Sánchez Sesma F. J., Use of peaks and troughs in the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio of ambient noise for Rayleigh-wave dispersion curve picking. Research Paper. Journal of Applied Geophysics,  vol. 177, article 104024. June 2020.

Molina S., Agea-Medina N., Galiana-Merino J. J., Navarro M., Huesca J. A., García-Jerez A., Seivane H., Soler-Llorens J. & Benabdeloued, N. Seismic damage scenarios in the municipalities of Elche and Alicante (Spain). A first step to the emergency planning. Research Paper. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2019, 9(3), 237-248.

García-Jerez A., Seivane H., Navarro M., Martínez-Segura M. and Piña-Flores J. Joint analysis of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curves and diffuse-field HVSR for site characterization: The case of El Ejido town (SE Spain). Research Paper. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2019, vol. 121, p. 102-120.

Seivane H., García-Jerez A., Navarro M.,Piña-Flores J. and Luzón F. Seismic Modelling of Campo de Dalias Basin (SE Spain) from Ambient Noise Analysis. Oral Presentation & Proceeding. 13th SEGJ International Workshop. November 2018, Tokyo, Japan.

Seivane H., García-Jerez A., Navarro M., Piña-Flores J., Aranda C., Luzón. Evaluation of Deep Sediment Effects through Ambient Noise Measurements at El Ejido Town. Oral Presentation. 11th International Workshop on Seismic Microzoning and Risk Reduction. Granada October 2016. Proceeding of the 11th International Workshop on Seismic Microzoning and Risk Reduction (11 IWSMRR), pp. 67-70. ISBN: 978-84-16929-72-6.

Seivane, H., García-Jerez, A., Navarro, M., Piña-Flores, J., Aranda, C., Luzón,F. Seismic Microzonation of El Ejido Town (SE Spain) from Ambient Noise Measurements. Oral Presentation & Proceeding. Workshop on Urban Geophysics. European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers. Barcelona September 2016.

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